About Us

We are a europe based team of multi skilled people that came together for this site in late 2006, but had already operated online in different projects as early as the 90s.

Sat-gps-locate.com is the first and only original phone tracker site launched on the internet. There have been and there are many illegal opportunity seekers that more or less copied the original site content. It can all be verified by checking the whois data and archive.org.

We have created several phone tracking prank sites, so they are not copy cats, just a variation of the original.

Over the years, sat-gps-locate has had several hundred million visitors! We have always worked hard to keep the site up as we know the whole concept of this site is made for laugh. It has been seen on top prank lists over the internet ever since the start. Additionally, we always been informative about cell phone tracking by showing relevant articles to our visitors.

If you have any concern at all, in any matter about this site, please contact us
Many thanks to all of you that visited, watched and spread the prank!

Sat-Gps-Locate.com since January 2007
Email: contact@sat-gps-tracker.com
Web Site: www.sat-gps-tracker.com