Can anyone track my cell phone?

Though your cell phone keeps you connected to the world, it also gives anyone from your boss, to your spouse, to your friends or colleagues a window into your every move. Yes, there is a good possibility that anyone can track your cell phone. The same technology that lets you stay in touch on the go can now let others tap into your private world without you even sensing something is wrong.

A decade ago it would have seemed a paranoid delusion to track someone or be monitored by others. Thanks to GPS enabled mobile phones and various other technologies, today it’s a reality that if on one hand there is an advantage for you to keep track of yourself whichever area you are in, the disadvantage is that others can track your movements. As many of today’s cell phones are equipped with Global positioning systems, they have the capability to track your position. More than being tracked, the point of concern lies in how your tracking information will be used and who all will have access to it. The possible danger of these technologies is possible misuse by stalkers, jealous spouses, nosy employers or overzealous government agents. Through social mapping people use their cell phone and PC so others can find them.

There are permission based systems wherein for someone to track you, you must enter their phone number and you can withdraw or suspend that permission anytime. Also, you can invite people whose phone number you know; you can’t browse for friends as you can with some social networks. There are also systems which delete user’s location information as soon as there is a change in location.

Anyone can track your phone with the help of police or through your service provider. Alternately, they can install GPS tracking program on your phone to track. If your profile on social networking groups reports your location, your cell phone can be tracked. With simple inexpensive device, anyone with access to your phone can read your private messages even if you had deleted them earlier. The device can also recover your contacts and a good number of previously dialed numbers.

Detecting and protecting:

You can safeguard yourself from cell phone GPS tracking by ensuring only you have access to your cell phone. Remember to keep your cell phone with you at all times to prevent third party from installing GPS tracking equipment on your cell phone.
It is not easy to find spyware on your cell phone. Though there are numerous bug detectors available from surveillance companies, the right fix is to take your cell phone to the service provider and getting them to wipe it out completely. That will help restore factory settings and clear out any hidden software running on your phone.

Security signs indicating your phone is invaded:

You are having trouble shutting it down.
Phone stays lit even after you have powered it down
Phone sometimes lights up even when not in use.
You hear background noises or clicks when in use.