How to track a cell phone online?

Tracking cell phone online is a good way to keep tabs with your family and colleagues. Cell phone can be tracked online by cell phone provider tracking service. This requires notification to the phone that you want to track it and consent from the phone owner for tracking. The cell phone also needs a GPS locator enabled in it.

Cell phone online tracking using Google latitude:
Google latitude does not require any fancy or expensive gadgets. Without the use of GPS technology, just be using your mobile phone you can build a network of a GPS group of friends. You can trace your buddy at work or your friend’s location just by logging on to Google latitude or Google maps. The biggest advantages of Google latitude is that you do not need GPS technology and it works on any mobile phone that can use Google maps. Though the potential uses of this technology are widespread, Google has only started by integrating its cellular triangulation technology with Google maps.

It is a cake walk to set up Google latitude on your phone. It just requires you to type your phone number into the entry field on your Google latitude home page or you can install it directly from with your mobile phone. Opening latitude on your phone allows you to immediately start adding your friends with their email addresses.

Cell phone online tracking using GPS:
GPS receivers are found on an increasing number of cell phones. To track cell phone through GPS requires cell phone to be equipped and enabled with GPS capabilities. Keeping tabs on colleagues and loved ones can be done by tracking cell phone via internet. The two main requirements for tracking cell phone online is to get a web enabled cell phone and setup software program that runs without the owner being aware of it. GPS tracking is an easy way to track your employees, colleagues and loved ones.

The first step in tracking cell phone online is to buy a web enabled cell phone from prepaid companies.

The second step would be to find a cell phone tracking software that suits your needs.

Third step would be to download and install the software to your phone using your web enabled phone.

Fourth step would be to register at the tracking website using unique username and password. Then login to track the registered phones.

As there are a lot of companies GPS phone tracking services with different packages at various price ranges, it is worth investing time in doing some research to find out the service that best suits your budget and needs. Also GPS tracking services do not work if the phone is turned off or out of signal range.

While the advantage of GPS tracking is keeping track of yourself in any area you are in, the disadvantage is that others can track your movements.

Some of the key advantages of online cell phone tracking technologies include family tracking and employee monitoring. Online tracking is subject to user abuse, misuse and over monitoring by others.