Who does not like mobile phone tracking?

Emergence of GPS technology for civilian applications and GPS enabled software and hardware has brought about immense changes today’s way of living. As today’s market is flooded with GPS enabled mobile phones, mobile tracking is increasingly becoming a serious issue and a cause of concern for a lot of people. Though cell phone tracking helps in handling emergency situations and enforcement of law, it raises questions on safety and privacy and is not favorable in all situations.

Though cell phones which have changed the way of communication over the years, have allowed us to keep in touch with others no matter where we are and cell phone coupled with GPS equips us to locate people, it provides ample scope for abuse. An ex boyfriend, relative or malicious friends may have wrong intentions. You may not want to be tracked by them for various reasons best known to you. There is also concern about identity threat which could be dangerous even if you think it will not happen to you. Individuals who are cheating on their spouses, employees who are cheating on their bosses, children who are involved in wrong actions, teens who seek privacy in their transactions and individuals who abduct someone may all not like mobile phone tracking as this encroaches on their security and privacy.

The concept of cell phones that are equipped with tracking devices is known to assist those who are need of finding a specific location. In spite of GPS mobile tracking systems being helpful in cases of emergency and in cases where you have lost your cell phone, there are several concerns about the use of tracking devices. It has been found that GPS systems make it easy to trace the location of where an individual is. Te time you are in a certain area and other basic information linked to this also gets added to it. Wrong usage of GPS systems leads to lack of privacy and becomes harmful when someone wants to track you for wrong reasons. This includes crimes such as identity theft or could lead to strangers gaining the capacity to locate you in any area.

In addition to tracking being used to find someone, newer uses of cell phone like internet opens gateway to introduce private information which you may not put on your cell phone. Because of the use of GPS trackers, Spam, identity theft, spyware and other components are not only a threat to computers but also to cell phones. Growth of technology in mobile phone tracking and convenience provided by tracking systems, individuals are running into several dangers with these devices.

Technology companies are now finding new solutions to protect privacy and identity of those that are using a system to guide and navigate their way through mobile devices.

With the new technology available on the phone, while the employers who want their business phones tracked, while parents want to have an extra pair of eyes on their pre teens and teenagers, while husband or wife are thrilled to know that their partner was caught cheating, the people who are tracked do not like being tracked.