Angelina Jolie may testify in News Corp phone hacking case

Posted date: : November 3rd, 2013
Angelina Jolie may testify in News Corp phone hacking case Angelina Jolie can be request to give evidence in the phone hacking case in the USA, according to Hollywood reporters.

She registered the case in June 2013, and News Corp gave a response in September by making arguments that the lawsuit should be moved to Britain, where the other claims could be handled.

According to papers filed by the media firm of Rupert Murdoch claims that the compensation scheme is very successful at providing satisfaction with the applicants. Moreover, it has got 611 inquiries from people alleging that they were the victims of the voicemail interception. Out of 426 applicants, only 359 were invited to take part in the scheme. Not even one applicant so far has been considered suitable to take their to hearing.

But Huthart’s attorneys were not impressed with the argument, stating that no claimant has taken the hearing. The reason is that the News International deals with the schemes and chooses the applicants.

This is not a success sign. This system is not fair for claimants and prevents claims from taking their cases to the court.

Huthart is of the opinion that it makes sense to move this case to California. The lawyers of her make arguments that the case has serious questions regarding basic rights of privacy in USA.

According to her, the NOTW’s interest in the voicemail comes from her professional and personal relationship with the celebrities like Brad Pitt and Jolie.