US spy agency tracks mobile phone worldwide

Posted date: : November 3rd, 2013
US spy agency tracks mobile phone worldwide The NASA has been collecting around 5 billion phone records on the whereabouts of cellphones outside the US. NASA is doing so in order to keep tabs on the movement of people to monitor doubtful travel patters or activities by intelligence agencies.
According to the report, the NASA can get access to billions of phone records by monitoring mobilephone networks. The projects and database designed for analyzing it have developed a powerful surveillance tool, enabling NASA to keep tabs on people in a unique way.
In the USA, the monitoring of cell phone networks worldwide has not raised any questions yet. However, the American Civil Liberties Union protested that gathering cellphone data on an international level is not a good idea. They said that this monitoring by NASA is disturbing Americans.

The NASA’s overseas monitoring program is sifting through tons of records and choosing suspicious activities, such as a terrorist planning or a serious of telephone calls for initiating an attack. Moreover, the algorithms of the agency, such as the methods used for tracking an area where people have contagious disease can help control that disease by taking immediate actions.

In order to carry out criminal investigations, the use of mobilephone tracking data is an effective method to find the location of a suspect.