Witness at UK Hacking Trial: Brooks, Morgan Joked

Posted date: : November 3rd, 2013
Witness at UK Hacking Trial: Brooks, Morgan Joked The phone hacking trial involving Rebekah Brooks is still on. All the newspapers in Britain are publishing news about this trail. Let us now take a look at the latest updates about this trail. Read on.
The phone hacking trail of Britain heard from a witness that she overheard Rebekah Brooks as well as her rival, the newspaper editor, joking about mobilephone spying at a party.

According to Ambi Sitham, media lawyer, the two of them exchanged remarks about phone spying at a birthday party. She stated that Morgan told Rebekah Brooks: “I know your splash because I have been spying on messages.

Sitham said that Morgan also talked with her as to Brooks: “Be careful, she can spy on your mobile phone.
At that time, Rebekah brooks was offering her service at Sun, while Morgan was the editor with Daily Mirror.
Brooks, the ex-editor at News of the World, Andy coulson and 6 other are being interrogated on phone hacking related chargers.
There are no charges against Morgan. He says that he is unaware of the cell phone hacking at his newspaper.
Let us see what happens to this case. For more news about this trail, keep visiting our blog.