After the mobile phones, comes the Google Glass

Posted date: : November 3rd, 2013
After the mobile phones, comes the Google Glass Lizzie Murphy, a reporter at Yorkshire Post, checks out the most recent technology from the Silicon Valley when it comes in God’s own Country.
The name of the product is Google Glass, but it is available for sale yet. Only a select few employees at Google use the product. Aside from the employees, developers and programmers have also access to the latest product.
A 2nd year computer student, Sam Heather, at York University is among the people who use Google Glasses. The product is in the testing phase.
He demonstrated the device in a science and technology exposition At York Racecourse.
Google glasses can be used in order to view bits information on the web. Web surfing can be done by voice recognition or the touch pad installed on either side of the glasses.
Heather is 20 years old and puts on the device on daily basis to look for information for coursework. He says that when he needs to use a diagram, he elevates his head, launches an app or swipes down the glass’s side and gets the image he needs.
Hopefully, this product is going to be extremely useful for the masses in the coming years. Let us wait for its release.