Ibn Chambas’ Phone Hacked By NSA And GHCQ

Posted date: : November 3rd, 2013
Ibn Chambas’ Phone Hacked By NSA And GHCQ According to highly confidential documents, UK and USA intelligence agencies hold a list of targets to spy on; the targets included German official buildings based in Berlin and outside, competition commission of EU, and the chiefs of instates offering financial and humanitarian support to Africa.
The most recent revelations will cause Washington to get more embarrassed after the strong criticism of the National Security Agency when it came out that it had been spying on the phone of Angelia Market, the German chancellor.
According to a GCGQ document made in 2009, clearly shows that the agencies were aiming at an email address belonging to an important friend Ehud Olmert – Israeli PM.

Three more targets were on the GCHQ documents, involving another e-mail address used for sending messages to the defense minister of that time, Ehud Barak and Yoni Koren his staff chief.
Other popular names on the documents involve Jaoquin Almunia, vice-president of Europeon commission responsible for the competition policy.

Britain’s spying of Germany might also prove odd for the PM named David Cameron. He endorsed a European Union statement in order to condemn NSA’s spying on the world leaders, involving Markel. Now, let us see if NSA continues to spy on the phones of world leaders or reconsiders its policies.